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Kugtar Mixed Martial Arts Academy provides a safe, clean, enjoyable facility where students receive proper training in multiple fighting techniques while also developing respect, discipline, and responsibility towards their families, friends, and community.


We view all of our members as part of a Kugtar Family and we encourage our members to support each other both in class and outside the academy. We constantly strive to provide the means of improvement for our students and ourselves.


Our belts aren't given, they are earned! 

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Kugtar was established in 1995 by Master Vince Vanderlipe.

The name Kugtar originated from the Filipino word that translates “Kick”.


Master V was born in the Philippines. At a young age, He learned the art of Eskrima. Eskrima is a Filipino Martial Arts that emphasizes in weapon based fighting using sticks, knifes, and other bladed weapons.


Master V continue his love for martial arts in America. In 1985 he joined Tang Soo Do in Salinas, CA, where he received his first black belt in the course of 18 months. Over 7 years he competed in lots of karate tournaments, soon converted to full contact kickboxing. In 1996, he won the Kickboxing Championship title with his infamous axe kick, which left him with the nickname “The AXE MAN”. 


The end of 1996, he was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, by a black belt member from the Gracie family known from Brazil, Ralph Gracie. Since then, Master V has been training in BJJ 5 days a week. He competes in all major BJJ tournaments all over the world today.


Master Vanderlipe currently holds a 3rd degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 4th Degree Black Belt Tang Soo Do, 3rd  Degree Black Belt Kenpo, Black Belt Tae Kwan Do, Certified Eskrima Instructor, and Certified Kick Boxing Instructor. 


His knowledge and passion for martial arts extends beyond the mat to include his family and community. His patient teaching-style, proper form, and winning techniques, make him a hard to beat competitor and great instructor.